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Caramel Ribbon Sleepover Thrill Pajamas

Model # CR1025 by Caramel Ribbon
Sleepover Thrill Pajamas by Caramel Ribbon CR1025


Sleepover thrill pajama blouse by American fashion designer Caramel Ribbon
- Minimal shrinkage
- Fabric composition: knit 92% cotton; 8% elastane and linen: 93% cotton; 7% polyester (excluding the trimming)
Fabrics made in France
Product manufactured in USA


Machine wash cold and tumble dry low recommended

Size chart:

Blouse length approx. 30" for S size

About Caramel Ribbon

We created a sleep and loungewear line that will make you feel at a maximum intensity in the freedom of your intimate home.

Your inside harmony will blossom through the purity of the garments we have created for you. You can de-stress and loosen up after a long day or simply lounge and sleep in our comfortable, sexy and feminine home-wear. Basically, these garments were created so that you can tend to your daily tasks in your home, out in the garden, or out on your patio, while still looking and feeling elegant. You wont even have to bother changing in case of drop-in guests; you will feel so beautiful in your attire that your guests will envy your stylishness and serenity. Your new loungewear, home-wear, or sleepwear will compliment your tastes, leaving all your guests charmed.

Our fabrics:
We love quality, richness and simply well-done things. Therefore, we want to offer you the best of ..... In order to do this, we searched for a long time and went a long way. We wanted to reach the ultimate, newest, and best quality of fabrics in marketing and finally, we did: cotton based fabric. The feeling is nice and light, suiting perfectly the delicate skin of the feminine woman. Our discovery is a strong accomplishment, because other than the quality of fibers, the energetic colors and vibrant graphics, we also fashioned a full guaranty through our manufacturer prestige. Our company happens to be one of the biggest millworks in Europe. Situated in France, we have not only gained recognition and esteem throughout the America's, but along the word. Our garment trims are even made in the Fashion Capital of France to fulfill your exquisite point of view. These high quality fabrics do not even require expensive care: they are machine washable and some of them are created to air-dry quickly and efficiently ( air-dry takes up to 15 minutes or less).

Our craftsmanship:
When we speak about the quality of our garments, we must also include the discussion of our craftsmanship. Our main concern focuses on how our fabrics are handled, so that we can accommodate our clients with a sewing job well-done. We know that the good management of any labor can eliminate unwanted imperfections and many unpleasant headaches. Thus, we choose to work with only the best: a local manufacturer who guarantees us our best quality standards and frees us of all concerns. Working together, we collaborate on all of the small details so to create comfortable and timeless pieces of garments. ... And don't even worry about the unfair trade concept! We can say with great honor that our products are proudly made in the USA.

Our wishes:
We want you to be able to do what you wish and be yourself in the intimacy of your own home. Our collection will perfectly fit your needs, whether you have an unplanned play date with your dog in the backyard or whether you are having breakfast in bed. You will feel the beauty of your day in your preferred home-wear, which allows you to feel feminine and yet comfortable, elegant and yet relaxed, and always ready to go to sleep or just lay back around the house.