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Pure Lime Compression Sports Bra

Model # 00-98 by Pure Lime
Compression Sports Bra by Pure Lime 00-98
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List $79.20
Save -$17 (22%)
Now $62
List $79.20
Save -$17 (22%)
Now $62


This bra is classified under Compression Bra.
Support Level 1, Support Level 2, Support Level 3
A compression bra with seamless molded cups offering encapsulated support for each breast.
It fastens at the back.
Adjustable padded straps - it can be crossed over.

Coolmax Material.
Moisture wicking and breathable fabric.
No irritating side seams.
Wide soft absorbing elastic.

Soft and lovely to wear, it fits superbly.
The breasts are perfectly held in place even when participating in higher impact activities.
Side support for lift and reduced side movement.
Compression strap restricting up and down movement.

Size chart:

Pure Lime sport bras size chart at

Bra measuring instructions and sizing:

In order for a bra to fit properly it is essential to choose the right size. Research shows that 70% of all women have the wrong bra size. A poorly fitting bra is often the reason why many women have backache and ultimately sagging. To work out your size you need two dimensions:
1- the measurement around the bust
2 - The measurement under the bust

Use a standard dressmaker's tape measure.
For best results have someone else measure you.
If between sizes, buy the larger size.

1 - Band measurement:
- Take a snug measurement around your rib cage, under your bust and then add 5".
- Example: 29" + 5" = 34"

2 - Bust measurement:
- With bra on and other clothes off, take a loose measurement around the fullest part of your bust and then add 5".
- Example: 36" + 5" = 41"

3 - Determine cup size:
- Subtract Band Measurement (step 1) from Bust Measurement (step 2)
- Example: 41" - 34" = 7"
- Take this result and use the chart below to determine your Cup Size:
- Example: 7" = B Cup
In the example above, your bra size is 34B (US)

If difference is:
5" -> US cup size AA
6" -> US cup size A
7" -> US cup size B
8" -> US cup size C
9" -> US cup size D
10" -> US cup size DD
11" -> US cup size E
12" -> US cup size F
13" -> US cup size G

About Pure Lime

PureLime is a Scandinavian brand.
Our aim is to provide a range of sportswear for as many women as possible around the world, and help them reach their true potential.
We want to produce the most feminine, fashionable and high quality performance sportswear for women, that reflects their priorities to look good and then perform.

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